Wednesday, January 11, 2012


For the past few weeks I have been struggling with something. Actually, I have been struggling with a lot of things, but one in particular keeps pestering me.

I have decided, at the prodding of my celestial Father and the well taken advice of some very good friends and family members, to start a blog called In My Writer Mind. It is an endeavor that is both challenging and simplifying for me and I intend to fully pursue it. I plan to take the two blogs I now write and consolidate them into the one. I have a creative mind that tends to make life very full up with lots to do and good things to pursue. Unfortunately, the powers that be have not invented time travel nor have they developed a time stopping device that would let me do all of this well. So in order to make things simpler I am asking you to follow along with me...

For those of you who keep up with The Bag Lady, I assure you she is alive and well inside of me! I will continue to tackle those hard Christian truths and concepts that I share from my own life. I feel truly blessed that God has allowed her to see the light of day and that He provided the money and the perseverance to publish her book. I also want to thank Mad Labs for the use of their painted image of the Bag Lady. They didn't have to grant me the permissions and I am indebted to them for that. My hope is that those of you who follow the Bag Lady, either through RSS feeds or Facebook will also find enjoyment in my new endeavor. I will continue to post the updates on my writing on her Facebook page so that you may follow along.

The Brown Zoo Tales has laid dormant since Thanksgiving and I just have not found the time to update it. I still have so much to say on the daily front that consolidating this blog with In My Writer Mind just seems logical. For those who follow Tales, I will keep the blog up in case you would like to read back articles, but this blog will go dormant as well. I would welcome any and all followers from this blog to the new one with open arms and a hearty "Hello!"

I sincerely hope that you will follow me on this amazing journey, writing more and becoming the woman God has created me to be. I have always enjoyed blogging, now it's time for me to choose to do it for all the right reasons!

Thank you!

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